IBFGC Members' Opinion Survey

Hi Guys,

We thought it was high time the Board of Directors reached out to everyone to find out what you, our valued members, believe how the Club should be running so that we make it an enjoyable place to be, with events that you would like to have, and participate in running, as well as what you think would work best for the day-to-day operations which would attract members and guests to frequent the Club. It seems we are at a lull due to Covid and we could really use some creative ideas & plans on what to do, what the Club should look like, how to bolster our financial position and spend our money wisely. 

We'd like to find out how often people patronize the Club and events, and learn what we can do to increase enthusiasm and interest in the Club.

You elected the Board so that the Club will work for you.  So the Board would really like to listen to you better and learn how they can work best to meet your wants & needs.  Please take the time to complete this survey and encourage your buddies to do the same. Remember: it's YOUR Club!

This survey can be either completed here online or you can wait till the December meeting and fill out a paper survey.  But please just do one or the other so that all your voices are heard equally.

p.s. - Prospective members, spouses and friends who have access to this website can also complete this survey, as your interactions and perceptions of the Club are important for us to know. Please check the appropriate box in the Membership question #1.


Tony Czarnecki, Club Secretary

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1)   * Type of Membership

  Non-member/Spouse or Friend

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2)   * Years of Membership

  I'm not a member

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3)   * Are you a boat slip renter?

Yes No
4)   I am a:

  Gun owner
  Fun-lovin' person

Check as many boxes as apply to you.
5)   * How often do you attend Monthly General Meetings?

  I'm not a member
  Rarely, maybe once a year
  Sometimes, like 2-4 times a year
  Most of the time, like 5-8 times a year
  Almost Always (unless I get a better offer)

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6)   * I visit the Club

  Once a month
  Once a week
  A couple times a week

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7)   Events: Given that Covid has changed the way we do things and many traditional events have been postponed, what choices should we make?

  Keep the same events but limit the numbers and close the Club to non-participants.
  Have more frequent, smaller events.
  Have no events and raise the dues so we can keep the Club open.

Check only one box.
8)   If you'd like to see different events please add some comments and suggestions, including how best to do it.

9)   * Food seems to be the attraction at many local pubs. Would you like to see any of these options at our Club?

  We should always have an open kitchen so "bar food" will be available most anytime.
  Make every Friday and/or Saturday a mini-event by having food specials from the grill or kitchen.
  Sell frozen pizzas with a mini oven to cook them like we used to do.
  Sell stuff like pickled eggs & polish sausage & "blind robins."
  Have a food truck come down occasionally.

Check as many boxes as you think are worthwhile.
10)   Maintenance and repair work: What's the most effective way of getting it done.

  Keep doing major spring and fall work parties and ask for volunteers as needed
  Hire all jobs out by bid with members bids preferred.
  Require an equal number of hours for each member, regardless of whether you are a slip renter
11)   Please tell us any other ideas you might have to make this Club work better for you and stay financially afloat.